My name is Greg Goldstein and I am a Junior at the University of Maryland, College Park, majoring in communications.

I am a self-pronounced sports junky. I love pretty much every sport, from basketball and football to golf and tennis, however my favorite sport to play, follow and watch is baseball.

I have had a passion for baseball ever since I could remember. I have played in recreational leagues since I was 5 years old until playing varsity baseball for my high school when I was a Senior. Throughout my life I have built up my knowledge of the game and have formed opinions on thousands of players throughout the years. I also am interested in the minor leagues of each team as well as the amateur draft that takes place every June. By watching and/or researching baseball pretty much everyday since I was in middle school, as well as learning about the new age statistics in the game today, I have formed many opinions about the game of baseball that I would like to share. I have a tremendous passion for America’s pastime and I will do my best to post material analyzing every aspect of my favorite league!


Contact Info

Creator: Greg Goldstein (ggoldtwin22@gmail.com)

Writer: Corey Goldstein (Coreyg23@yahoo.com)


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