Price Signs with the Red Sox; Accelerates the Greinke Market

(Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

The pricey acquisition of David Price by the Red Sox, reported at 7 years, $217 million, will force the finalists for starter Zack Greinke to open up their checkbooks and expect to him to be worth a heftier price than the dominant lefty.

According to ESPN, Babe Ruth is the only one pitcher with a lower ERA than Price when pitching at Fenway Park. While Price has had a tremendous career and is one of the top starters in the major leagues, he does own a 5.27 career Postseason ERA.

When healthy, the Red Sox are a perennial postseason team who will need much more production from Price when his name is called to start a pivotal Game one in the coming years.

Both Price and Greinke own ERAs under 3.00 over the last three seasons, with the former Dodgers co-ace posting a 1.66 in 2015, a full .8 runs better than the former Tigers and later Blue Jays ace last season.

That being said, the money will flow in very quickly for the righty who has solidified himself as arguably the most efficient pitcher in the league.

Greinke’s counterpart, Clayton Kershaw, has had seven consecutive seasons with an ERA under 3.00, with two of those seasons being under 2.00, but Price will still make about $2 million more than Kershaw over the course of the next 7 years.

Price has showed no signs of slowing down as he has continued to dominate just about every team in the League, posting a record of 104-56, with a career 3.10 ERA in the regular season. His fastball and cutter are as sharp and well located as they have ever been, and he will continue to carve up every hitter in the league.

The Red Sox acquired one of the top closers in Craig Kimbrel last week and beefed up their rotation with one of the most dominant pitchers in the MLB in Price. The Red Sox have potentially guaranteed themselves an extra 20 to 25 wins over the duration of Price’s contract and are undoubtedly contenders in the very competitive American League East and a threat in the 2016 postseason.

Grade: B+


By: Corey Goldstein


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