Kimbrel Traded to Red Sox

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Craig Kimbrel has been traded for the second consecutive offseason. In an effort to beef up their bullpen, the Red Sox have acquired one of the better closers in the major leagues. The Padres have traded their second relief pitcher of the offseason, with them dealing Joaquin Benoit a couple of days ago. That breakdown can be seen here.


The Deal

Red Sox receive: RHP Craig Kimbrel

Padres receive: Minor league OF Manuel Margot (25th prospect on, minor league SS Javier Guerra (75th prospect on, minor league infielder Carlos Asuaje, minor league LHP Logan Allen


The Breakdown

Red Sox Analysis: The Red Sox clearly need to improve their pitching from last season and they seem to be going with the recent trend of getting multiple great relievers to have at the back end of the bullpen now that they have Kimbrel and Koji Uehara. However, they still need to drastically improve their starting rotation if they want to get back in contention for the playoffs. Like I’ve said before, I don’t believe that teams should give up top prospects or money for relief pitchers.I’m as high on Margot as because he is still very raw offensively, but he could still have been a major piece in a trade for a starting pitcher. The Red Sox still have some other talented young outfielders in the system, but they did get rid of some valuable prospects. The Red Sox main concern should still be starting pitching, which I’m thinking may be through free agency because Boston may not want to give up more talent in a trade.


Padres Analysis: The Padres have traded another reliever for another pretty good haul . Kimbrel is one of the best closers in the league, but the Padres know that they have other areas that they need to improve, like replacing Justin Upton and Ian Kennedy on the roster. The prospects they got back for Kimbrel are good value. Even though I do not see Margot as a top 25 prospect, he still has the talent to be a starting outfielder in the MLB. Javier Guerra has been gaining steam as a prospect because of his increase in power in the minors. Logan Allen and Carlos Asuaje represent minor leaguers with decent upside. Overall I think the Padres made out pretty good on this trade for a closer with a year left till free agency.

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