The MLB Offseason Calendar

UnknownAs the actual baseball season comes to a close with the Kansas City Royals avenging their world series loss from last year, winning their first world series in 30 years. The rest of the league will be looking to the offseason to try and knock them off by changing their teams during baseball’s crazy season. This is the time when a team can turn from a up and comer into a contender or when a team can start to rebuild for the years to come. The offseason is no doubt one of my favorite times of the year.

Nov.2-Nov.6: The Exclusive Negotiation Period

This is the time when teams are able to negotiate with their pending free agent without any other teams offering contracts.

Nov.6: Final day for teams to extend a qualifying offer

This is the last day when a team will be able to extend a pending free agent a qualifying offer. If a player signs a qualifying offer then he is re-signed to a one year deal for a designated amount of money. If the player declines and signs with a new team in free agency then the team that lost that player is compensated with a draft pick. You can find out more about qualifying offers here.

Nov.7: Free Agency Begins

Free agents are now free to negotiate and sign a deal with any team.

Dec.2: Final Day for Teams to Decide Whether to Tender a Player

Teams are designated to pay a certain amount of money based on a player’s years in the league as well as their production. If a team does not want to pay a certain player, they can choose to non-tender them and allow them to become a free agent.

Dec.7-Dec.10: Winter Meetings


This baseball convention takes place every year where baseball decision makers and agents from around the league come together to discuss trades and signings. There is normally a lot of activity during the Winter Meetings. The Rule-5 draft also takes place on the final day of the meetings. The Rule-5 draft deals with minor league players serving a certain amount of time in an organization and not being protected on the 40 man roster.

Greg Goldstein

I am the creator of Outside the War Room. I am currently a junior at the University of Maryland, College Park, studying in communications. I also am a staff writer for Call to the Pen, which is the FanSided network's general baseball blog.

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